Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Abigail's nursery ... a work in progress

In the three days last week that both my husband Daniel and I had off work while Jessica and Abby went to daycare, we managed to transform our 3rd bedroom into a little girls room. Over the past 7 years this room had been used as a study, a lounge room, a guest bedroom, then a study again ... while during most of this it always collected junk and never had a true owner.

For the past year since Abigail had been born we had always intended for this room to be hers. And now after a few patches here and there and a new coat of paint we could finally give our little girl a room of her very own. Abigail's middle name is Violet so purple is the inspiration for the accents in her room (on a pale neutral background with white furniture). There are more things that I plan to make for her room but the photos below show just a few of my creations ...

On wall: Three teddy bear framed papercut artworks.

Hanging from ceiling: Individually hand cut paper butterfly mobile

On wall: Green fluff tutu

On wall: Two small framed papercut artworks - left - personalised Mary Jane shoes, right - japanese doll.

On floor: Change table with white gathered curtain. Cane linen basket with vintage trimmed fabric liner.

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