Thursday, December 31, 2009

New look website ...

Finally the long awaited updates to our Little Fish Creations website have arrived. You will now see tutus and other hand crafted items displayed throughout the site on the Product page in the Galleries, as well as price guides for products and links to made it and etsy online shops. The colour red is also highly featured throughout the site. You will even find tutu care instructions!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

On holidays ... but still made a tutu

My family and I have left the big smoke and are staying in Taree, NSW for a week or so over the Christmas break to visit my and my husband's families. Just before we left a new box of tulle arrived and I couldn't resist to take a few rolls of tulle with me on our holiday. I call the tutu below a "party" tutu as it leaves behind the reds and greens of Christmas and brings some different colours into the pallette of what is left of the Australian summer. I have used "French blue" and "Garnet" tulle evenly dispersed and have made the skirt length a little shorter for summer, whilst making the skirt have a little bit more body (or fluff). You will notice Jessica is modelling this one which demonstrates that although the tutus are sized, there is still a bit of give in them for older children. This tutu is available for purchase through

Short party tutu in
French Blue and Garnet
size 1-2 years

(Model: Jessica - 3 1/2 years)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

More tutus for the Fruit Salad Kid shop ... Part 2

Here are some more "Classic" tutus now in store at the Fruit Salad Kid shop in Newtown, Sydney ... all size 1-2 years.

Classic tutu in Emerald - size 1-2 years

Classic tutu in Amethyst - size 1-2 years

Classic tutu in Baby Pink - size 1-2 years

Classic tutu in Garnet (hot pink) - size 1-2 years

Classic tutu in Black - size 1-2 years

Sunday, December 20, 2009

More tutus for the Fruit Salad Kid shop ...

I have just had another customer order through the Fruit Salad Kid shop in Newtown ... this time a classic tutu in Paris Pink - size 1-2 years.

Classic tutu in Paris Pink - Size 1-2 years

And also took a black tutu into the shop as well ...

Classic tutu in Black - Size 1-2 years

In the spirit of Christmas ...

My daughters had their day care Christmas party the other day and thought what better place to advertise my tutus than a place filled with children under the age of five. Jessica was dressed as a Christmas present and Abigail was dressed as a Christmas tree ... well, that was the idea at least!! The red tutu is my classic design. The kelly green tutu is best described as a "fluffy butt" tutu as it is a lot shorter and gives a very cute fluffy bum effect.

Classic Red tutu - size 3-4 years
(with Christmas present singlet)
Fluffy butt Kelly green tutu - 0-1 years
(with red star singlet)

(Models: Jessica - 3 1/2 (left) and Abigail - 1 (right)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa's Little Helper wearing extra fluffy tutu ...

Here is another Christmas inspired tutu ... using alternating red and kelly green tulle. I just love how this has turned out and Abigail looks so cute (especially the first photo!). I made the tutu a little shorter and more fluffy (20% more tulle) than my regular tutus. This tutu is available for purchase through my Little Fish "Made it" store at

Santa's Little Helper tutu
Red and Kelly green
Size 1-2 years

(Model: Abigail - 1 year and 1 week old)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas tree open tutu - Part 2

Here are some photos of daughter Jessica modelling the Christmas tree tutu wrap skirt ...

Tutus ... a great way to express your personality

I have just finished making another two tutus for identical twin girls who live here in Sydney, Chloe and Helayna-Lily. They are not quite 4 years old yet but like my eldest daughter Jessica who is 3 1/2, they know what they like. The girls' mum told them that she was ordering a tutu for them for Christmas. She showed them them the tulle colour chart and asked them to pick colours that they liked. Chloe expressed that she liked bright green and purple, where as Lily wanted a yellow tutu. Unfortunately I only had one roll of "butter" pale yellow tulle and I was not able to get anymore yellow until well after Christmas, but after talking to Lily, it was possible to introduce other colours as well. After looking at the finished result ... it is hard to believe that these two tutus came from two individuals who could have been just one as the tutus are sooooooooo different. I must commend Krissy (Mum) for encouraging the girls to find their own personality, ... their own identity ... and fostering this even at such a young age.

Tutu for Chloe - Size 3-4 years
Kelly green, emerald and eggplant
(Woodland #1)

(Model: Jessica - 3 1/2 years)

Tutu for Helayna-Lily - Size 3-4 years
Butter, baby pink and ivory

(Ice-cream sundae)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another idea ... why not wear two tutus

While I was photographing my tutus yesterday I thought of this idea. I have seen this before but what a great idea!!! This is a regular length tutu (eggplant) worn over a longer tutu (emerald) to create a double layer effect.

Double layer two toned tutu

Two more tutu orders ...

Here are two more tutus that I finished and sent off yesterday. The light blue tutu was sent to a little girl in Seven Hills, Queensland and the eggplant is a present for a little girl who lives in Scotland but is visiting Sydney for 6 weeks.

Light blue tutu - Size 1-2 years

Eggplant tutu with diamante bow clasp
Size 1-2 years

The idea of the diamante clasp was a request from the customer. Other clasp shapes available are circle and heart. From this we (the customer and I) have developed the idea of an "Elegant" tutu range which will all feature a diamante clasp and possibly black velvet or satin ribbon ... stay tuned!!!

You will also notice that I have invested in a mannequin form due to my own kids either my own kids being unwilling or unavailable to pose for photos every second day. I bought the form from Rax and Dollies in Surry Hills NSW ( - a husband and wife team and they are extremely nice people to deal with.

Latest tulle delivery ... #2

Here is another box of tulle that arrived from the USA yesterday. This one has black, red, garnet (extremely hot pink), amethyst, emerald green, eggplant, french blue, baby pink and wisteria. I am still taking orders for pre-Christmas delivery so please contact me asap if you are interest in placing an order. I have enough tulle to make 3-4 years tutus in all colours at this stage (except french blue - size 1-2 years biggest size if solid colour used).

Some colour combination ideas:

amethyst + eggplant + wisteria
garnet + eggplant
french blue + kelly green
red + kelly green
kelly green + emerald + eggplant
red + black

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas tree open tutu with ribbon tie - emerald green ...

Here is my latest creation ... and it is a little different from my usual tutus. It is quite a bit longer than the usual design (about 7 cm) and it has two long lengths of bright green (with white spots) grosgrain ribbon stitched to the elastic making it an open tutu. The ribbon is plain green on the other side so you can wear the tutu both ways. The openess of the tutu (and elastic waist)allows it to fit children of all ages upwards of 3 years old. The original idea of this tutu skirt was that the tutu in emerald green represented a Christmas tree, with a star situated above (for. e.g. on singlet as shown in the photo below. I guess you could further dress this "tree" up by hanging a few bells, or mini baubels on ribbon from the waistband.

Christmas tree open tutu
Size 3-4 plus

Since making this I have thought of a number of other costume applications for such a tutu. You could use this tutu as the skirt for a hula girl, woodland fairy, pixie ... hmmm ... have camera will have to take some photos ... stay tuned!!!

Also, do you like the top featured in this photo? I simply made this using a white Bonds singlet, cut a large star shape from some red felt and stitiched it on with two rows of stitiching inside the star's edge - a pretty cool attempt to whip something up in 5 min so that I could take a photo ... lucky I had my sewing machine out!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas - Part 3

Finally I have managed to finish these felt Christmas decorations and take some photos. I think they look pretty cheerful!!! I have a listing for these in my Little Fish shop at

Red, White and Blue Felt Retro Xmas Decorations

(Stylist: Heidi Fisher)

Latest tulle delivery ...

My latest delivery of tulle arrived the other day from the US (only took one week for it to arrive - the whole process seems to be getting quicker). Here we have amethyst, eggplant (love this colour!), kelly green, emerald, and old favourites red and black. I am taking requests/orders for kids tutus in these colours so get in quick ... you can send me an email at and I will give you a quote. Tutus generally start at AUD$30.

More tulle colours coming soon ...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shabby chic bunting flags - perfect for a summer tea party ...

Beautiful bunting, pennant strings, fabric flags ... whatever you like to call them ... they are perfect for adding a splash of colour to any girl's bedroom, nursery, playroom or cubby house, and can be used as a party decoration for tea or garden parties

The original set of these flags were made for my eldest daughter's (Jessica's) room (see photos). Her room is largely pink and white with the odd splash of red so I thought this fabric combination would be perfect. The nine double-sided flags consist of a repeat of four different fabrics - shabby-chic floral on white background, bright pink vintage floral, red, pink and green spots on white background, dark pink and white small checks - all strung/sewn together with bright red poplin.

Shabby chic / Vintage Red and Pink Bunting 
(Pennant Strings)
9 double sided flags

(Bay window in Jessica's room) 

I sold a second set of these exact flags to a friend with twin girls (in Sydney) a few months ago. A third set of these flags have now been sent off to a little girl in Huoma, Louisiana, USA (sold on Etsy -

I can't wait to make a purple-mauve set of buntings flags now for Abigail's (second daughter) room.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Handmade Kids Lovestamp Giveaway

Handmade Kids is holding a giveaway competition until 6th December for a "Lovestamp" Petite infant charm bracelet. All you have to do is visit the Lovestamp website and post a comment on the Handmade Kids website (for full details visit

Snow White tutu, size 00 ...

Another one my tutus that was listed for sale online at sold the other day (previously featured last month at

(Model: Abigail at 10 months old)
The custom order was for an all-white baby tutu, size: 00. This tutu is off to join a precious little girl in Dee Why, NSW very soon.

My tulle supplies seem to be running quite low at the moment but I have placed 2 orders for some more tulle to be shipped from the US. I have ordered: black, red, emerald, kelly green, amethyst, eggplant, garnet, french blue, wisteria and baby pink. I can't wait until these rolls arrive as I have some pre-orders for some great colour combinations. Hopefully they will be made in time for Christmas.