Monday, November 30, 2009

Fairy Gabrielle's 3rd Birthday Party ...

This is Gabrielle. She was given this "lavender" tutu to wear as part of her fairy costume at her 3rd birthday party. The theme of the party was "Fairies" and all of the kids did a great job of dressing up. Below are just some photos her mum took of her at her party. The other little girl in the photos is Annika (also 3 years old) and she is wearing a "coral" tutu. I think the girls look lovely ... and very cute (nice tutus!!)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Handmade Kids Mega Christmas Giveaway ...

Handmade Kids ( are currently holding a mega giveaway just in time for Christmas where two lucky winners will receive a girls pack or a boys pack filled with fantastic handmade items from numerous crafters across Australia. It is very easy to enter - just leave a comment on their blog (go to and follow the instructions) ... it's that easy.

Tutus for two Kiwi princesses ...

Below are two tutus, one lavender and one paris pink, which are being shipped off to New Zealand as Christmas presents for two little girls (sisters). (Custom order)

Toddler tutu - Lavender (Size 3-4 years)

(Model: Jessica - 3 years old)

Toddler tutu - Paris pink (Size 2-3 years)

Both the lavender and paris pink tutus are available for purchase in a size 1-2 years (or smaller) through

Saturday, November 21, 2009

B is for Baby, C is for Crochet ...

It seems that quite a few babies are being born at the moment ... I personally have four friends that are having or have had their babies in the few months before Christmas. It seems that baby fever surrounds us in one form or another.

In my spare time I enjoy crocheting and over the last few months I have made a few different baby rattles. My latest project "Milo the Monkey" was a custom order for a little boy in Sydney. You can order this item through my Made it online shop at...

Milo the Monkey

(Model: Abigail - almost 1 year old)

Other baby rattles that I have made include ... birdy rattles, aliens, rocket ships (see below) and iced donuts (not shown).

(Model: Abigail at 6 months)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tutus ... tutus ... everywhere!!!

It has been a day of tutus.

My tulle order arrived on Monday from the US on Monday (colours: lavender, deep purple, baby pink, paris pink, light blue, emerald, white and butter).

This lavender tutu (size 3-4 years) is heading off to join a little girl in Sydney. (Custom order)

And this gorgeous fruit salad tri-colour tutu in coral, shrimp and hot pink (size 3-4 years) is being sent off to a little girl in Bedford, WA tomorrow. (Purchased through

(Model: Jessica, 3 years old)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Featured item - Dance shoe bag - - Part 2

My hot pink shoe bag that was featured yesterday in the monday Madeit email was purchased from a Sydney sider today - very cool!!!
I just hope their little ones loves it as much as my 3 year old Jessica does. She does dance lessons every Saturday morning and insists on carrying her red shoe bag to and from the car (with her little tap and ballet shoes inside) - sooooo cute!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ... Part 2

Well, this is what I have come up with so far with the red, white and blue felt.

I have made a few different combinations and I think they look pretty neat so I think I will take some photos and try to list some online over the next day or so at ... just in case anyone else is interested in having some cheerful decorations for Christmas

... stay tuned!!!

Red, White and Blue Retro Christmas Baubels

Nothing says "Cheerful" like things things (inspired) from the 1970s.

Featured item - Dance shoe bag -

One of my items was featured today ...

9th November, 2009 - Madeit monday finds - printed gift ideas - shopping guide

Hot Pink Drawstring Dance Shoe Bag - Small
Mary Janes screen print

This item is availble for purchase through Fish ( I also make a larger version which is also great to use as a library book tote.

Other colours may be available if I have them in stock - red, hot pink, blue, beige, orange.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Featured items to date - four things that other people have loved

Below are just some of my handmade items that have been featured on other websites, blogs, etc. ...

1st November, 2009 - Handmade Kids Blog Post - Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Sugar Plum Fairy Princess Baby Tutu

(model: Abigail, 10 months old)

This item is currently for sale through (

8th September, 2009 - Etsy Treasury by tamilyn

Large Multipurpose Drawstring Dance Shoe Bag (Red) with screen printed Mary Jane shoe design

This item available for purchase at ( and ( Other colours and a smaller size also available.

26th August, 2009 - Made It Shopping Guide

Personalised Mary Jane Shoe Artwork

This item is currently for sale through (

3rd April, 2009 - Etsy treasury by taylorseclectic

Retro Hot Pink and Orange Curious Cubes Fabric Block Set of 3

This item has sold. Please email me at to place an order for a similar or equivalent item.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ...

I received the Christmas edition of Real Living Magazine last week and the colours of its cover inspired me to start thinking about Christmas. With less than two months until Christmas I thought I should start early this year. And now having two kids ... I thought our decorations should be a little more playful than the red, purply plum and gold baubles that we usually use to decorate our tree. This year Christmas we be red, white and blue at the Fisher household!!!

And this morning I finally made a trip to Spotlight ...

With felt, rik rak, ribbon and two papier mache reindeers ... I wonder what I will make?

Where it all began ... with paper

Little Fish Creations stemmed from a desire to undertake craft projects and decorating Jessica's (my eldest daughter) room on a tight budget. I first dabbled with painting a few items such as letters to spell out her name ... and then I discovered japanese paper.

One day I had an idea to fold some paper cranes for a bay window display in Jessica's room. These little darlings use to hang in flight in strips ... but now they have well and truly landed ... and unfortunately have been replaced with something else (but I still think they are beautiful).

My next paper idea involved cutting out by hand butterflies and framing them ... and I included the quote by Hans Christian Anderson:

"Just living is not enough" said the butterfly,
"one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."

Since then I have been asked to do a few colour variations - these can be seen at