Saturday, November 21, 2009

B is for Baby, C is for Crochet ...

It seems that quite a few babies are being born at the moment ... I personally have four friends that are having or have had their babies in the few months before Christmas. It seems that baby fever surrounds us in one form or another.

In my spare time I enjoy crocheting and over the last few months I have made a few different baby rattles. My latest project "Milo the Monkey" was a custom order for a little boy in Sydney. You can order this item through my Made it online shop at...

Milo the Monkey

(Model: Abigail - almost 1 year old)

Other baby rattles that I have made include ... birdy rattles, aliens, rocket ships (see below) and iced donuts (not shown).

(Model: Abigail at 6 months)

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