Monday, December 14, 2009

Tutus ... a great way to express your personality

I have just finished making another two tutus for identical twin girls who live here in Sydney, Chloe and Helayna-Lily. They are not quite 4 years old yet but like my eldest daughter Jessica who is 3 1/2, they know what they like. The girls' mum told them that she was ordering a tutu for them for Christmas. She showed them them the tulle colour chart and asked them to pick colours that they liked. Chloe expressed that she liked bright green and purple, where as Lily wanted a yellow tutu. Unfortunately I only had one roll of "butter" pale yellow tulle and I was not able to get anymore yellow until well after Christmas, but after talking to Lily, it was possible to introduce other colours as well. After looking at the finished result ... it is hard to believe that these two tutus came from two individuals who could have been just one as the tutus are sooooooooo different. I must commend Krissy (Mum) for encouraging the girls to find their own personality, ... their own identity ... and fostering this even at such a young age.

Tutu for Chloe - Size 3-4 years
Kelly green, emerald and eggplant
(Woodland #1)

(Model: Jessica - 3 1/2 years)

Tutu for Helayna-Lily - Size 3-4 years
Butter, baby pink and ivory

(Ice-cream sundae)

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