Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas tree open tutu with ribbon tie - emerald green ...

Here is my latest creation ... and it is a little different from my usual tutus. It is quite a bit longer than the usual design (about 7 cm) and it has two long lengths of bright green (with white spots) grosgrain ribbon stitched to the elastic making it an open tutu. The ribbon is plain green on the other side so you can wear the tutu both ways. The openess of the tutu (and elastic waist)allows it to fit children of all ages upwards of 3 years old. The original idea of this tutu skirt was that the tutu in emerald green represented a Christmas tree, with a star situated above (for. e.g. on singlet as shown in the photo below. I guess you could further dress this "tree" up by hanging a few bells, or mini baubels on ribbon from the waistband.

Christmas tree open tutu
Size 3-4 plus

Since making this I have thought of a number of other costume applications for such a tutu. You could use this tutu as the skirt for a hula girl, woodland fairy, pixie ... hmmm ... have camera will have to take some photos ... stay tuned!!!

Also, do you like the top featured in this photo? I simply made this using a white Bonds singlet, cut a large star shape from some red felt and stitiched it on with two rows of stitiching inside the star's edge - a pretty cool attempt to whip something up in 5 min so that I could take a photo ... lucky I had my sewing machine out!!!

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